HWCG LLC and Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. execute LOI for 20,000psi Subsea Capping System

HWCG LLC and Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. are pleased to announce a significant expansion of HWCG’s deepwater well containment incident response capabilities in 2019.

In keeping pace with members’ future needs and future regulatory thresholds, HWCG and Trendsetter have executed a Letter of Intent for the design, build and delivery of a new capping stack system rated to 20,000-psi and 10,000-fsw. The new system, scheduled for delivery in Q21 of -2019, will utilize the latest in capping stack technology and be designed for compliance with the newer standards for High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) subsea well control applications.

Ron Downing, President of Trendsetter stated “Since 2011 Trendsetter has set the standard for Source Control and Containment Equipment in our industry.  The selection of Trendsetter by HWCG and it’s member companies for this high spec capping system further solidifies our leadership position in this market and builds upon the knowledge and experience gained on the previous thirteen capping stack deliveries. Our companies are committed to achieving the highest level of preparedness in the industry and we look forward to collaborating on this project to achieve that goal.” 

HWCG’s Managing Director, Craig Castille, added “HWCG is pleased to add a new capping stack to our inventory of response resources. The enhanced capability will allow our members to continue responsible exploration and develop activities in the Gulf of Mexico where deepwater combined with deeper drilling requires advanced technology and know-how. Trendsetter was a natural choice due to their proven track record providing capping stacks to our industry and their recent experience with HTHP solutions.”

Craig T. Castille Named Managing Director of HWCG LLC

HWCG recently announced that Craig T. Castille has been appointed as the Managing Director effective January 1, 2018.

While employed as the Director of Drilling for Stone Energy Corporation, a member of HWCG, he served on the HWCG Board since its inception, and as Chairman of the HWCG Board and Steering Committee from 2015 to 2017. In his new position, Castille is well positioned to provide leadership for the organization into the future.

“We are committed to achieving the response needs of our members today and into the future. HWCG continues to bring together the industry’s brightest and most experienced deepwater personnel and looking forward to adding Castille’s extensive experience to our team,” said Michael Noel, Commercial Director of HWCG.

As the Managing Director, Castille will be responsible for overseeing operations for the organization. Castille aims to provide excellent service to Members, engage regulatory, state and federal stakeholders and grow membership.

Castille has over 30 years of international and diverse experience in offshore rig operations involving drilling, completions, well testing and abandonments on platform rigs, jack ups and floaters since graduating in petroleum engineering from the University of Louisiana in 1985. Castille concluded his over 7-year tenure at Stone Energy during which time he participated on the API Joint Industry Task Force post Macondo, drilled 6 deepwater wells, participated in two unannounced containment drills as the Source Control Section Chief and helped implement two announced containment spill drills.

“HWCG will continuously maximize collaborative efforts amongst our members, service providers and the industry’s regulators to ensure we have access to assets which can be uniquely equipped for a deep-water well containment event,” said Castille. “I’m looking forward to leading HWCG and furthering our commitment to safe and responsible offshore drilling and the prevention of a deep-water incident.”

Hundreds of Well Control Experts, Regulators to Participate in HWCG's Annual Drill

Houston, TX – (May 2017) – As a leader among well control regulators, HWCG LLC will bring together hundreds of well control experts and regulatory representatives for its annual source control drill in Houston, TX on May 9-10. Independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, Stone Energy Corporation, will be the host of the drill.

The source control exercise integrates HWCG’s dynamic response capabilities, process and equipment to quickly and comprehensively respond to an offshore drilling blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Our members provide expertise and resources that collectively help achieve our ultimate goal of rapid intervention, response and containment,” said David Coatney, Managing Director of HWCG. “This drill demonstrates that we are truly ‘Ready to Respond’ and are committed to safe and responsible offshore drilling and prevention of a deepwater incident.”

HWCG leads its members and the industry by advocating for safe drilling practices and staying updated with the latest well control regulations. To demonstrate its commitment to safety, HWCG has invited regulatory agencies, including the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and United States Coast Guard, to participate in the exercise.

“While the drill provides one of the most effective training opportunities for the industry, we work all year long to improve our response system,” said Mike Noel, Commercial Director. “Our Deepwater Intervention Technical Committee is charged with prioritizing technological upgrades to our response system and plays a key role in advising our members.”

During this large-scale exercise, Stone Energy will act as the “Responsible Party” in a simulated well blowout scenario. HWCG’s Mutual Aid team, which includes experts from sixteen member companies, vendors and response partners, will assist Stone Energy in gaining well control. In the event of a real source control incident, the Mutual Aid repository becomes available to all HWCG members.