HWCG to Speak at the 22nd Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium

HWCG’s Technical Director, Ross Frazer, will speak at the Deepwater Technical Symposium in New Orleans on August 27-29, 2018. His presentation will focus on the evolution and enhancement of a deepwater well containment solution and how HWCG has continued to refine both the equipment and its application. To listen to Ross’ insights, register for the symposium here.

HWCG Welcomes New Member Companies Committed to Developing Our Response System

We’ve recently welcomed Petrobras America Inc., Red Willow Offshore, LLC, Ridgewood Energy WCG Member, LLC and TOTAL E&P USA, INC. to our consortium of deepwater operators and non-operators. Each of these companies contribute to our robust mutual aid program to help us quickly and comprehensively respond to a subsea incident. We look forward to working with each of our new membership companies.