Testing Our Incident Response System and Well Containment Solution with Our Annual Drill

What is the annual drill?

To ensure HWCG is ready to respond to a deepwater incident, we host and participate in a large-scale annual source control exercise to test and train against our response solution. Our drill brings together hundreds of experts, including our member companies and contractors in accordance with our Mutual Aid program that provide additional technical expertise, assistance and equipment. HWCG’s strategic service partners and prime vendors will also contribute additional subject matter expertise.

Regulatory agencies and other nonprofit foundations that share our goal of protecting the Gulf of Mexico will also be present at the annual drill, including the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), the United States Coast Guard and the Gulf Coast States.  

Read a detailed overview of our well containment process on Rigzone.


Why do we organize it? 

While offshore equipment is carefully engineered to prevent the loss of well control, offshore oil and gas operations must be ready to respond in the event of a deepwater blowout. HWCG’s mission, equipment and processes are designed to contain the flow and bring a blown out well back under control. HWCG leads its membership in advocating for safe and responsible drilling practices in the Gulf of Mexico through the annual drill. It also helps prove that HWCG actively maintains our “Ready to Respond” commitment to protect people, property and the environment.



During the drill, the Responsible Party (host company) and Mutual Aid supporters will develop detailed plans specific to the response scenario, which may include debris removal, subsea dispersant use, capping stack development, shut-in planning, relief well(s) planning, flow-back planning, and equipment transportation plans, depending on the simulation.

Additional objectives covered during the drill include, but are not limited to:

  • Continued testing of the designated command post 
  • Integrating HWCG Mutual Aid resources into the member response organization 
  • Testing of remote communications systems between regulators in Washington DC and Responsible Party 

With any emergency response exercise, the main objective is to test the applicability of a response plan. The exercise strives to meet objectives from HWCG, the host company and government agencies in order to be deemed a success.


this year's Key Players

  • Stone Energy Corporation (2017 Drill Host)
  • HWCG
  • HWCG Members and Mutual Aid Supporters 
  • Service Partners and Vendors 
  • Government Regulatory Agencies 


2017 annual drill details 

Event Date: May 9-10, 2017

Location: Houston, TX

Host: Stone Energy Corporation

media inquiries 

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